About FacePlant

What exactly is FacePlant. It’s not a story about a t-shirt business face-planting, falling on it’s face.
Well, at least I seriously hope it’s not.
FacePlant is, well …designs I create 
and put onto t-shirts.

I make faces. Lots of faces. Not "make faces,"
like stick my tongue out, and take a selfie.
More specifically, I create faces, designs, made out of plants. Plants only. 
Fruits, veggies…all types of produce. And whatever else grows on a vine, a bush, under the ground, or hangs off a tree.
That’s at least the outside part. The skin.
The inside part is about the inherent power of both plants, and the strong community who wears them. I wanted to create a line that not only felt as colorful, brave and alive as the spirit of the people who will be wearing them, but as importantly to provide funding to factory farm animal rescues and organizations that so desperately need all the help they can get.
While we all know that a healthy life requires eating greens, ending factory farming requires those other kind of greens. The ones you can't eat. 
Those dry, rectangular ones.
Whether it’s for the transportation of these animals, getting them fostered, fed, or the proper medical care, rescue work requires an immense amount of love, hard work, dedication and money. So 10% of each purchase will be gifted to select factory farm animal rescue organizations.
Saving animals. Helping people help the world. Making smiles.
Giving back. Bringing together. These were some of the ingredients that prompted the creation of FacePlant Tees.
And coffee. There was lots of coffee ingredients involved, too.
A huge thank you reading this,
and for helping us grow.